Mark Frankham

Personal Trainer / Biomechanics Coach

PT Speciality: Movement, Performance, Compound Weightlifting Technique, Long Term Health & Vegetarian Nutrition

I’ve been in the fitness industry for a few years now and it’s been quite a journey already. Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer I’ve regularly researched & self-tested different nutrition methods and exercise plans to ensure that my clients get results to bring out the best in quality of life. With this self-testing you will never do anything that I’ve not already done!

One of my favourite quotes that apply to how I train myself & my clients is “You are as strong as your weakest link.” meaning if you don’t know what your weakest link is I’ll help you find and develop on it. The sessions will involve mobility work, strength work and conditioning to ensure you get a bit of everything. No matter what your goals are these 3 fundamentals should never be neglected. In our 1-to-1 sessions we’ll also touch base on nutrition & lifestyle habits. It’s all well and good having a good workout 3-4 times per week but what happens outside them 164-165 hours?

The sessions will be customised to you and your specific goals / abilities. It won’t be me ordering you about; I’ll be educating you about what to do, why and how it’s relevant to your goals. You’re guaranteed to learn something new. There won’t be any drastic changes or fad plans with short term results, it’s all adapted to your current lifestyle and will be implemented gradually to fully develop the habit(s) & help you fully flourish LONG TERM.

If personal training is what you’re after or even if you just want some information, contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Aside from the Personal Training I am also a certified Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer. This is the best service you can get currently for injury prevention and optimal performance. Although I won’t be diagnosing or fixing any current issues you may be having specifically I’ll be teaching you how you can remove any physical limitations through different screenings (with measurable results), prescription of exercises and catch ups to ensure you can perform at your best and move freely!

Member Testimonial

“I am very happy with Marks excellent level of commitment to me with my mobility. He’s a very proactive & focused trainer. I’m very impressed with his empathy as well as good manners and general helpfulness. His dietary advice has been invaluable to help me shed the pounds. At first he helped me with my current nutrition including meat and dairy but now I’m leaning more towards more plant based I feel great! All in all it’s been a pleasure.”

Richard Kotowisz