Fitlinxx Activity Management System

Balance is about results

Your personal instructor is here to help you achieve agreed goals. As a part of this, assessment and reassessment is automatically built in to your program, working with the Fitlinxx personal monitoring system.

FitLinxx has two fully integrated components: the FitLinxx System installed at the Balance gym, and FitLinxx Online, a powerful presence on the Web, making the Balance gym and your personal performance profile instantly accessible at anytime. For the full story, visit

Power Your Program with FitLinxx!

What is Fitlinxx?

  • A simple & easy-to-use exercise solution that helps you achieve your goals and supports you each step of the way
  • Automatically records every exercise you do creating a history of all the weight you’ve lifted, CV time completed & the calories you’ve burned. You can even log your free weights, classes and activities completed outside of the gym
  • Remembers your personalized settings, including machine settings, weight, repetitions, range of motion and CV programs
  • Provides immediate feedback and coaching from exercise to exercise

Who is Fitlinxx designed for?

  • Anyone from beginner to veteran, from those who are already an expert to those who just look like one!

How do I get set up with Fitlinxx?

  • A member of the Fitness Team can set you up with a personalised program and keep up with your progress

The Benefits of using FitLinxx

  • It’s FREE with your Balance Health Club membership!
  • Consistent, customized workout program every time, at your own pace
  • Allows us to stay connected to you and check in on your progress
  • You’ll have access to all your information online
  • You’ll receive monthly progress reports that help you stay motivated
  • Join other members in optional participation in various FitLinxx challenges by earning FitPoints

Record additional exercise you do outside of the Balance Health Club with your online account

Monthly Progress Reports

On a monthly basis, your FitScore report will be emailed directly to you to ensure you continue to receive support to achieve your goals!

Fitlinxx Screen image

The FitScore Report includes:

  • Total number of calories burned
  • Total number of pounds lifted
  • Easy to read exercise history including cardiovascular, strength, classes and outdoor activities
  • Your current FitPoints Score

How To Register Online with FitLinxx

  • Log on to the FitLinxx Website at
  • Click Sign up for a Web Account on the right hand side of the screen
  • Fill in your contact information. These must appear exactly as it does on the FitLinxx Management Station at Balance Kettering. Select a FitLinxx On-Line Username and Password. The Username will appear in all of your Web Account records, reports and Standings
  • Complete the security question and click SUBMIT
  • Enter your FitLinxx Kiosk PIN number. Select ‘Other’ in the State Field, and United Kingdom in Country. Scroll down until you find Balance Kettering in the Facility Name dropdown list
  • Read the FitLinxx Service Agreement, then Click ‘I AGREE’ at the bottom, then click SUBMIT

That’s it. !! You can now start to enjoy the additional benefits of FitLinxx Online. You can send messages to your instructor, view your last 3 monthly reports, all of your workout details, log your strength and CV activities, read from lots of useful articles, training tips and techniques, even post articles, opinions, and reply to thousands of other FitLinxx users across the world.