Harri Broom

Personal Trainer

My main aim and goal as a Personal Trainer and a Coach is different than that of others. I pride myself in getting my clients the best possible results within the shortest and most realistic timeframe.

I am heavily focussed on my clients eating and diet habits and provide them all with individual nutrition plans so that they reach their desired goals.  No corners are skipped as I feel so passionately about helping people to succeed.

I offer a FREE Body Transformation Session so if you’re interested so far, get in touch and we can book you in.

Throughout the years I have invested a lot into my own skill set attending training workshops, fitness seminars and continually keeping up to date with the best practices for getting results no matter what starting point you may be at.

My philosophy is keeping training fun, enjoyable, having flexibility with your diet (so yes, you can still have a drink or a slice of pizza) but still getting a results at the end of the day.

I train a whole host of people right the way from teenagers just starting out, to women looking to lose weight and tone up, men seeking to add muscle and get leaner.